Background, study program and curricula of SEARSOLIN

The South East Asia Rural Social Leadership Institute (SEARSOLIN) is a center for rural social leaders to sharpen their skills and share their experiences in assisting rural people to achieve a more rewarding and responsible human existence. It was established to help contribute to the fuller human development of the people of Asia and other countries of the developing world. More specifically, it trains rural social leaders to assist in the global task of human liberation through the process of education, social organization, participation and increased productivity. It aspires for no less than a just social order founded on ideals based on the nature and dignity of man.

SEARSOLIN aims at sharing its cumulative experience in agricultural development with social leaders in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific countries. Its socio-eco-educational program is guided by three basic themes, namely: the philosophy of man, the philosophy of the land and the philosophy of work and service.

Its mission is to assist in the formation of leaders from different cultures who would work together in the midst of fast-changing societies and in some instances with social conflicts, and who are proficient in the discourses and practice of human development, human rights, democratization processes, cultural exchanges, religious dialogues, community rights and environmental integrity. As an integral part of Xavier University College of Agriculture, SEARSOLIN taps the varied resources of the University in the promotion of cooperative structures, appropriate technologies, sustainable agriculture, food processing, social communications, project management and market studies, volunteerism, urban agriculture development, Asset-based Community Development Approach (ABCD), etc.

The residential training program in SEARSOLIN is designed and broken-up into several modules to enable different kinds of participants to stay for shorter or longer periods. They can choose any or a combination of modules from a series of seven one-month modules.
In its 41 years of existence, 1,966 participants have graduated from SEARSOLIN. The graduates have come from 48 countries (54% from South East Asia, 25% from South Asia, 13% from East Asia, 4% from Africa, and 4% from the Pacific areas). The participants nature of work includes development program management, community development or community organization work, farm management, agricultural development, church-based socio-economic development programs, school-based socio-educational work, mass-media, etc.