The City Development and the Challenge of Heritage Building Phnom Pnh.

The rapid growth of towns and cities, resulted from economic development, the more demands of infrastructures, services land housing. However these consequences contributed to threatening the old traditional buildings in several aspects. For instance many of these have been demolished, where others have changed its original style. To cope with this there requires a commitment, political will, and knowledge know-how of each sector plays so that the portrait our past memories can effectively be preserved for the benefit of our future generation. The paper, however explore some concept and practical experiences contributed to promote and maintain those building heritages.

Keyword: Urban heritage, conservation, intervention, threatening new development, business centre, architectural ornamentation, villa...

Kong Kosal
Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
Royal University of Fine Arts

Chea ChanTheborras
Freelance Architect
Phnom Penh

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