Coherence Relationship among Academe-Bussiness-Community and Government to Overcome Problems Arising from Urbanization

The formation of urban agglomeration in Indonesia poses a tremendous challenge for the agricultural sector and the food supply industry. While there is a need to transport more food over large distances, it is also necessary to respond to an increasingly diversified consumer demand in terms of agricultural product quality and food safety standards. On the other hand, low competitiveness of local agricultural products due to low quality and safety are issues necessary to respond to. A constant decrease of public investments in agriculture as well as land use changes towards housing due to urban development has resulted in land and water degradation and socio-economic problems.
In order to attain sustainable development of urban areas in relation to food production and supply, an integrated approach and coherence relationship among academe-business-community and government (A-B-C-G) should be implemented. The coherency among A-B-C-G will efficiently steer the process of urban-rural relations in the context of food production and supply. A development program should be based on data of the natural and human resources. Agriculture is not and can not be restricted to non-urban areas. Post harvest and agroindustry development are favored by urbanization. The development of technologies that take into account natural resources, environment, and human health is a priority research area for the academe. Local government policy can stimulate the development and adoption of sustainable technologies by creating a favorable policy. City authorities can no longer leave the preference of urban consumers to market mechanisms alone. Business-Community communication can be more effective if community is well informed. The involvement of academe and government to facilitate the communication between business and community is necessary. City authorities along with academe-business and community can play a role in promoting agriculture and food production as part of the city life.

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