Cohesions and Participations of the Stakeholders in Decision Making and Planning in ICZM for Coastal Cities

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) has been recognized as a sub-field of environmental management for almost three decades. Theoretically in Indonesia, ICZM has been introduced formally since the late 1990s and has been developed by the Ministry of Marine Affairs in the beginning of the 2000s. However, policy, environment, and management are not well prepared and the rather new concept cannot yet be implemented widely for Indonesia. At the national level, the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Affairs had developed a policy and regulation concerning the Coastal and Small Island Management No. 27 in 2007. The most common problems and issues of the coastal zone are environmental problems, social economic, policy, and hazard mitigation. Several coastal cities have no plans at all for the coastal region, effective management tools, necessary institutional preconditions, sustainable programs, integrated approaches, and outcomes of programs that have an effect for certain time periods.
This study identifies some cohesive and participation processes of the formal and informal inquiry strategies, which form of ICZM can be implemented and which lessons can be identified for the coastal cities. Coordination, cooperation and consultations (3 C) among the stakeholders on the decision making process and planning for their sustainable cities briefly focuses on the type of uncertainties and knowledge gaps between the theoretical concept of ICZM and the level of practice.
Focus Group Discussions and interviews were conducted with the practitioners and stakeholders during the three workshops at Semarang and Cilacap. The environmental problems and hazard mitigation of the coastal area were preceived as the most pressing issues. The results of this study illustrate the usefulness of ICZM paradigms for cohesion and participation among the stakeholders on decision making and planning of the coastal cities.

Keywords: integrated coastal zone management, sustainable coastal cities, cohesion, decision making, planning

Radity Jati
Gadjah Mada University
Faculty of Geography
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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