Constructing Micro Planning through Participatory Poverty Mapping and Potential Infrastructures Mapping

In the last few years, the Government of Indonesia has stressed the importance of reducing poverty as the prior object of development. These issues are also being developed in local government, including the local government of Wonosobo. Poverty is a complex and multi dimensional problem; in order to solve it, a comprehensive study focusing on the root factors of the problem is needed. 
To construct a micro planning system that is based on fact and evidence without neglecting the poor, the local government of Wonosobo District has held a program to map the economic structure using local indicators and participatory poverty assessment as methodology. Poverty data at the national level are obtained through a survey using the same indicators. But due to the complexity of the local region problems, it is almost impossible to use the national level data to solve the problem. 
The purpose of this paper is to explore the process of micro planning in Wonosobo District using the poverty mapping as the prior object of economic structure, together with the landuse data and strengthened by the basic infrastructures mapping, to collect every basic infrastructure point available in every hamlet and village also in the urban area of the district. The database includes education, health, road, energy/electricity and water availability. 
Those maps are used as the database of planning since the village planning links to the regional (district) planning. As the actual data, material such as endemic and natural disaster maps are also used for the planning process. Combining the database between the sums of the poor, root causes of poverty and available infrastructures in a village will help the village stakeholders to decide their prior development plan based on the actual data. Also for the local government of the district, those data will help to maintain the local development planning and budgeting process and to reduce conflict and socio-economic disparity.
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