The critical important aspect of Public Open Space in current urban development paradigm, Phnom Penh

A well-developed public open space has been recognized as essential component in city development as it has contributed to developing general well-being of people living in urban community area. However, the increase in number of people engaging in towns and cities pressure not only its existing current basic urban infrastructures and services but even public space. With such phenomena city open space becomes multiple role
sometime this role is complicated. The benefit of public open space is not only enhancing physical environment but rang over public activities, social interaction and income generation.
This article reviews the critical multiple function of public open space offered particularly in challenging environmental urbanisation landscape.

Keyword: public open space, urban development, urbanization, urban infrastructure, physical environment.

As a result of economic success promotes investment, people influx, however land become the prime asset for competing besiness encourages competence for space promoting business and housing become a major issue

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