Curriculum Development for Land Management and Land Tenure Education Programs in Cambodia

Land Management is defined as a system of planning and management methods and techniques that aims to integrate ecological with social, economic and legal principles in the management of land for urban and rural development purposes to meet changing human needs, while simultaneously ensuing the long-term productive potential of natural resources and the maintenance of their environmental and cultural functions.

To initiate a long term capacity building process, the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction together with the Royal University of Agriculture decided to set up a Bachelor program and a short-term education to obtain a Diploma. In Cambodia, no such education was ever offered until the formation of the Faculty of Land Management and Land Administration at the Royal University of Agriculture and consequently there was a deficiency in human resources to develop the new curriculum and to establish the Faculty. The initiative is financially supported by a loan from the World Bank and technical assistance from the Government of Germany. Since 2003 the Royal University of Agriculture has been implementing the program in close collaboration with the Land Management and Administration Project Component 2 for institutional development. Continuously it will provide support to set up and organize an education program on land management and administration inside a long-established Cambodian university.

In January 2003, the curriculum for a four-year bachelor program was developed with the support of TU Munich and agreed upon in December 2003. The curriculum for the two-year Diploma program was drafted at the same time but the national approval is still pending. Since then several multi-donor supervisory missions of World Bank, TU Munich, gtz and others agreed that the pending accreditation of the bachelor course will be considered following a review of the course by an external higher education expert in December 2005.