Development and Possibility of Joint German - Southeast Asian Curricula

There are at least two reasons why it is important to develop cooperation among scholars in developing and developed countries, especially in the area of urbanization and migration. First, urbanization and migration in developing countries now becomes a hot topic since they may create serious problems for developing countries.
In line with rapid changing socio economic and political conditions, new problems also arise such as social conflict and unrest, bad practices of governance, trafficking, etc. Secondly, to solve urban problems, there is a need to share the experiences among scholars in order to find a better solution. It is not only for those from developed countries to be more aware of the problems which direct or indirectly will influence the developed countries.
To facilitate the interest, there are at least three areas of concern which are important to be developed. First is research activities in urban and peri urban related topics, including migration. These activities should be implemented to cover not only the area but also the magnitude of problems both in developing and developed countries. The activities should involve as many partners as possible from all parties in order to share the experiences and to find lessons learned from the activities. The third one is capacity building which can be done through training, master and doctoral degree programs, and staff exchange. Third is the dissemination of activities including publication, seminars and workshops. These three activities should be developed in the spirit of getting mutual and integrated in character.

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