Development of Civil Society in Khon Kaen Municaipality

Khon Kaen city is located in the central northeast of Thailand. In 1962, Khon Kaen was set up as the developing center in the northeastern region of the country. This limited the immigration of people within the city, which experienced a rapid growth of the urban area during the last few decades. In 1971, Khon Kaen Municipality enlarged the area to 46 square kilometers, which covered only 4 square kilometers in 1935. At present, a population of 128,687 people lives in Khon Kaen Municipality with 63 communities. Khon Kaen Municipality has initiated participation with each community as a tool for decentralization and transparency management. The aims of this paper are to review the development of civil societies and activities of social groups in Khon Kaen Municipality.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sekson Yongvanit
Department of Geography,
Khon Kaen University

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