Development of "Code River Area" as Tourism area in Jogjakarta City

The city of Jogjakarta attracts many tourists for its (historic) sights as well as an educational city. One of the most famous tourism areas in Jogjakarta is Malioboro area. The Malioboro area is a street complex that is located in the center of Jogjakarta City, in the middle of Jogjakarta Special Province. In former times, the atmosphere in the Malioboro road was very nice, a lot of traditional art performances occurred there.

Many local artists also performed their creativity and traditional street vendors and restaurants with traditional service style were located there. Malioboro road was a unique area that attracts many local and foreign tourists to enjoy the atmosphere – the traditional culture, and fascinating street live. The modern way of life changed the traditional atmosphere and a lot of new infrastructure and activities e.g. modern malls, western style restaurants, modern street vendors with modern merchandises, are located in the Malioboro today and the area is very busy and crowded.

The City Government of Jogyakarta is concerned that the Malioboro complex will not attract tourists anymore. Since the process of changing is not reversible the Government of Jogjakarta tries to develop alternative tourism areas where the old style and traditional atmosphere is still alive and can be further supported and developed.

By this background “Code River Area” was chosen as an alternative and complementary area. It is a historically important part of the city where people still keep a traditional lifestyle and is located in the direct neighborhood to the Malioboro complex. The purpose of the research is to determine factors and potentials that can be developed to attract tourists to come there and to support also the existence of Malioboro area.

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