Disaster Risk Mapping of Barangay Carmen (Flood and Fire)

Disaster Risk Mapping of Barangay Carmen: Flood and Fire


Disasters can be defined as a serious disruption of the normal functioning of a community, causing widespread human and material losses. Disaster risk refers to the likelihood of losses or harm; it is not only determined by the strength and frequency of hazards such as floods or fires, but also by how vulnerable a community is. Vulnerability may be defined as the resistance and efficiency of the existing built environment at the time of the hazard. Even more importanty, the density of the exposed population also influences the assessment of risk. The fundamental principle used in the analysis of this project considers the complex interplay oft he above mentioned facters. The results are presented using sets of GIS-based maps to visualize the gravity of the situation. The objective of this project is to generate disaster risk maps for flood and fire for Barangay Carmen. Barangay Carmen is presently experiencing rapid urbanization with exponential population growth and bullish infrastructure increase, making it an important functional center for the region. However, these developments may also trigger negative impacts, especially in the event of a disaster, unless they are constantly monitored and assessed. The presented maps five a graphic overview over the critical areas within Barangay Carmen will help assess the level of risk of flooding and fire. These maps can help both city and barangay officials as well as planners in assessing the suitability of proposed programs and infrastructure. They will also be useful in mitigation and preparedness strategies in order to reduce the harmful impacts of disasters. The identified high flood risk areas were severly affected by the historic floods in January 2009, which confirms the results presented in the maps. In the high risk areas for fire structures with no defined road access and which were constructed using mainly combustible materials were identified. The high building density in these areas also represents a risk factor.

KEYWORDS: Disaster, Flood, Fire, GIS, Mapping

Mr. Dexter Lo
XU Engineering Resource Center Xavier University , Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

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