E-Learning Reader - Statements, potential donors, concepts and approaches

E-Learning is a keyword in the global discussion about live long learning and “education for all” is one of the millennium goals of the international development. Referring to our workshop in Yogyakarta, ForUm is a network for urban future that “intends on cooperation aims at contributing to the global discussion concerning complex and manifold urban and peri-urban development, key challenges, conflict structures and potential solutions in general as well as within Southeast Asia” ( ForUm Newsletter 5, 2006). Thereby the share and exchange of knowledge and the co-operations in lecturing and learning are important issues of our network. E-Learning as a kind of “distance learning” can be used to bridge the spatial gap between international partner institutions as well as an instrument to share and to provide the multidisciplinary knowledge potential and the various expertise of our network members in a sustainable way. In our last network conference in September 2006 in Yogyakarta/ Indonesia more than 70 percent of our network members mentioned their interest in to this kind of learning and the first steps of realisation and implementation will take place in the upcoming Summer Schools in 2007. By a selection of corresponding internet sites this reader will give an overview of statements, potential donors, concepts and approaches in the context of cooperation in and for education, respectively e-learning, in order to provide background information material for the upcoming discussion and project design.

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