Farmers Survival Post Earthquake in Bantul

The earthquake in 5,9 Richter-Scale occurred on 27th May 2006 at 5.30 am, has destroyed areas in Special Region of Yogyakarta Province especially in Bantul and Central Java Province especially in Kabupaten Klaten. Following smaller earthquakes caused a trauma for the people. However, the farmers can survive and do their activities to make their living. There are some factors that affect farmers survival :

  1. Believing

  2. Earthquake is God sent and a lesson to learn for living. Believing to God increased after the earthquake and praying activities were even done between the broken houses and tents
  3. Cooperation (Gotong Royong)

  4. The people feel that they are not alone when they face an earthquake. Aid activities and support from Indonesians in and outside the region who are not affected by the disaster and even helpers from outside the country build up a new spirit to survive.
  5. Determination

  6. Farming areas and plants were not hardly ruined so the farmers still have hope to get some harvest. The mutuality between the suffering people and the other members of community give more spirit to the farmers. The family visitation and slogan “Bantul Bangkit” also give moral support
  7. Social Relationship

Social relationship in the neighborhood has a good effect to the farmer.
Especially the economic situation is hard. They can not follow their usual job activities and the income is significantly decreasing. They have to work in reconstruction of their houses, have additional expenses for construction material as well as food, water, medicine, etc. and often times they are disappointed by inquitable financial aid supply. Nevertheless even conflicts can be solved in a short time since the social relationship is good.

Not the economic problems – the farmers community, their trust and believing and their social relationship are of main importance for the survival of the farmers.