Geographic Information System / GPS for Sector Planning in Meung District. An Example of Bokeo Province

The presentation provides a general overview about the use of Geographic Information System ArcMap 9.2, different types of Satellite Image in combination with GPS as tool to collect relevant data for sector planning and area based planning. 
One main area of foreign investment in northern Laos are rubber plantations. Most of the investors are from China. Other areas of interest for foreign investment in northern Laos are hydro power. Laos as provider for hydro power to neighbour countries will playa significant role in the future. One huge Hydro Power Station with a capacity of 250 – 300 Mega watts is also planned in Meung District to use the potential of Nampha River. Apart from this the north also provides suitable areas to grow tea and to explore natural tea forest to harvest tea known as Puh Ert. 
Satellite images together with GPS are used to identify potential areas for the socio-economic development in the province. It is also the right tool to monitor the planning process. All relevant collected data will be used to design thematic maps to visualize the planning process and to make the data always easily available as district and provincial data bank.
With all economic developments in the Province urban areas will also grow faster than expected. Therefore, the development of Master Plans is a very important task to guide future developments. Collected and analyzed data of differnet sectors are the baseline to develop and design regional planning concepts where strategic areas for foreign and domestic investments are highlighted. 
The Department of Planning and Investment s the responsible government institution to guide those investments and to coordinate all different developments at regional and district levels.
Without the sophisticated equipment, tools and software a planner would not be able to plan fast enough for most of the developments.