GIS resources for Land Management

I would like to talk about the situation of Land Use planning and management in my country, Lao PDR. Due to its geographic position Laos is the only landlocked South East Asian country. Laos has borders with China in the north, Myanmar in the northeast, Vietnam in the east, Thailand in the south-west, and Cambodia in the south. The country itself covers 236,800 square kilometers, including 1864 kilometers of the Mekong River. More than half of the land in Laos is mountainous and not arable. Laos has 47% forest cover, but with increasing population pressure that figure is diminishing.
During the last ten years the Lao government has been following a plan to promote sustainable management of its natural resource base and has implemented the policy of area-based development. Beside that, the government has the vision of resource allocation for upland development, maintenance and reduction of shift cultivation. It determines the types of areas that are appropriate for that, such as conservation forest, agriculture forest and water resource. 
Therefore land management and land use planning are very important to development; moreover, in these planning and management processes support tools or methods such as topography mapping (flood map, forest map, watershed map, border map and ….etc) are needed, furthermore GIS equipment (navigation, computer and …etc) and data collections ( land type data, river data, forest data and …etc).