Greener City With Well Balance Of Vientiane Development

Vientiane is the capital city of Lao PDR. The development of the city has accelerated since the introduction and implementation of the Lao Government's Planning Strategy that commenced in 1986. Over the last ten years, Vientiane's urban environment has improved significantly with the investments of environmental infrastructure (drainage and waste water system, solid waste disposal); and urban infrastructure. Vientiane City has focused on a greening plan by investing in planting trees along the road and developing public parks. By the year 2010 Vientiane needs to be beautiful for the celebration of the 450th anniversary of capital, which moved from Luang Prabang. VTE city have declared six slogan words for Vientiane to encourage people namely: security, cleanliness, green, light, charming and civilization.
The Vientiane inner city is famous for its historical and cultural heritage, nice trees and rivers. However, the expansion and concentration in the city has drastically destroyed many famous landscapes and the environmental quality. Moreover, in the city outskirts, the landscape and environment is also destroyed by the chaotic and rapid development. At present, there is no important plan and regulation concerning the protection of these famous landscapes. Even though a certain regulation exists, its operation is properly done by the central government and the municipality of Vientiane. What is meant by this sentence?
Furthermore, due to the great demand for working and living space, many houses and buildings are constructed chaotically. Thus, the city lacks green areas such as parks and open spaces, though some are under development.
The underlying causes of the above-mentioned issues in each sector are rapid population growth and urbanization, that is, the City has been growing beyond the capacity of the existing systems. These problems have hampered the socio-economic development and made the living environment deteriorate. In order to solve these problems, the necessity of the preparation of the comprehensive urban development master plans is evident. The Government of the Lao PDR is keen to prepare the plans in order to enhance the systems and improve the present conditions for all the sectors. The plans should be comprehensively completed in consideration of the systematic relation among all the sectors basing on the land use plan so that the whole system will be improved in a rational and orderly manner in order to sustain the sound economic growth and the living environment. The comprehensive plan should aim at formulating a long-term urban development master plan (M/P) comprising the setting of the future city image, strategy for urban development, land use plan and each strategic plan of transportation, industrial estate development, park, urban landscape, social infrastructure, and water and sanitation system for the target year of 2030.
an Greening can help city have beautiful land scape, clean air, can be as fense for concrete construction, place for people gathering together for social activities and as place for exercise and etc. Greening can help city to well balance of development as part of social activities, economic development, long term benefit. Government considered greening is as priorities topic need to taking into account by plainning green area for Vientiane especially plan design for major parks and tree along the road and planting tree activities in the important events.

Saykham Thammanosouth
Public Work And Transport Institute
Vientiane Lao Pdr

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