Illegal Laborers in Chiang Mai City: A Problem That Needs An Official Coherence

Chiang Mai City has been growing very fast in the past 20 years after the 5th National and Economic Development Plan was promulgated. The plan mentioned is aimed at the expansion of the development schemes to other parts of the country instead of letting Bangkok as the only growth pole of the nation. From the year 1985 on, many high buildings, infrastructures and other service facilities have been mushrooming in the City.
The situation has caused the problem of labor shortage which is one among the important driving force in the process of urbanization. A number of laborers have been moving into Chiang Mai City. Certainly, a large amount of them are moving in illegally. There is no alternative, however, as far as the City needs to be developed and the local or domestic laborers do not need to do any hard and low-paid jobs. This gives way for illegal immigrants to assume the vacancy.
Unavoidably, various socio-economic problems have arisen, some, induced by and some, stemming from these illegal laborers. Among those problems are contagious diseases; social conflicts with the local people and a number of criminal cases. To abolish and/or mitigate such setback effects, an official coherence among involved agents, i.e. Provincial Health Office, Labor and Welfare Office, Immigration Office, and business owners must be initiated and put into action.
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