The Impacts of Urban Development on the farmers behaviour in the urban fringe areas

This article discusses the impacts of urban development in terms of physical development on the commitments of farmers on their agricultural lands and activities. These two aspects are worth discussing because they are related to the future of farming activities and farmers in the urban peripheries. The loss of agricultural land as a matter of fact, has significant impacts on the behaviour of farmers.
In rural areas, the commitments of farmers on their agricultural lands and activities are extremely high, due to the facts that their life is solely dependent on farming activities. In the areas close located to urban area, the commitments seems to change parallel with the loss of agricultural land. They have to reformulate their living strategy in accordance with the working process of environmental change. High commitments on agricultural land and activities are associated with the specific doctrine of Javanese culture and custom (the idea of family, the consideration of social status), whereas the reasons for not retaining their agricultural lands and activities (low commitment on agricultural lands and activities) are related to the specific nature of urban fringe areas. The disturbance in agricultural activities, the high land market , low yield in agriculture are the determinant factors.

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