Migration and Health Issues in North Sumatra Province

The migration of population is basically a movement of population from one region to other regions in order to stay there permanently. The analysis of migration flows or patterns (either in-migration or out-migration) is of course, interesting to be understood. Understanding the pattern of migration, about origin and destination regions gives information about who the migrants are, what their reasons for migrating are and the favorite regions as main places of destination.

This descriptive-analytic study shows the rapid growth of development in all sectors especially in superstructure and transportation sectors, which has resulted in the distance of one region to other regions becoming closer. As a result, the pattern of migration has changed from “short distance migration” to “long distance migration” or “cross island migration”.

Other consequences of this phenomenon are inter-ethnic assimilation, mobility of labor force, concentration of population, density, place of settlement or slum areas and of course health issues. For example health issues such as health care behavior, environment sanitation and health quality of the environment.