Planning and Developing of a Treepository Park: Periurban Land-Use Cange in Cagayan De Oro City - Philippines

The road to economic growth for developing countries has been paved with negative environmental effects, social conflicts, and trade-off. The rapid population growth highly concentrated in urban areas and industrialization have brought massive ecological changes. Considering the proximity of location, periurban in nature, and the prevailing trend in the utilization of Special Areas (special class and open spaces) it is safe to surmise that, under Cagayan de Oro setting, the denuded areas go most likely to accretion of open spaces, abandoned or under utilized area, while agricultural land area conversion finally goes to built-up areas. The current urbanization and mushrooming of economic activities accompanied by mass movement or in-migration of people from other places in Cagayan de Oro has imposed more pressure on all forms of pollution, causing harm to health and environment. The level of morbidity in Cagayan de Oro City has been increasing more than the rate of its population growth. Although there was no study conducted that focused on this issues, the magnitude of its annual increase is alarming and needs to have priority attention. To address current issues affecting urbanization, industrialization and global warming, the Local Government unit of Cagayan de Oro started to implement innovative strategies in consonance with the Policy of Sustainable Development. This project is one of our contributions to reduce global warming by planting and establishing a tree park in a special area (open space) located in the periurban area of Cagayan de Oro. The project is a Multi-partite effort in partnership with a Multi-national corporation-Nestle Philippines Incorporated, Tablon Barangay Council, Tablon National High school and the City Government. It was named TABLON TREEPOSITORY PARK, it shall be made open to the public to serve us a show window for others to emulate and replicate in the future with the following features: 1. A Tree Park- trees are very important to prevent soil erosion, help abate Global warming by acting as “Carbon Sinks” 2. Repository/ Seed Bank – we shall plant endangered Tree Species to serve as a “Mother Tree” and “Seed Bank” for future propagation. 3. Eco-Tourism Destination – a tag shall be placed in every Tree with its corresponding Common and Scientific Names and for identification of visitors. A Nature’s Classroom for children and adults. 4. Herbarium, Aviary and Butterfly Garden