Public Participation Architectural Design in Local Heritage Management for Tourism

This research project aims at developing public participation strategies for the community to manage the local heritage in the community with the objective to promote tourism. The research has a unique conceptual idea which contains integrated knowledge of architecture, public participation and tourism. The concept is called “Public participatory process in local heritage management for Tourism“.
The pilot study starts at Wat Klang Muang Kao community at Khon Kaen municipality since this community has a very unique characteristic. The area is the first community located at Khon Kaen in 2325 BC. As a local heritage the first city column is located in the center of Wat Klang Muang Kao. Therefore and since the location has direct access to Kaen na korn pond and Khon Kaen city the area has an expandable tourist potential.

The research project has given the opportunity that researchers and community such as the Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen City Government as well as the local people, have been working together in brainstorming, interviews, site surveys, and observation on site for more than 4 months . The community was very active in developing ideas and worked together with the researchers to find out suitable guidelines for the management of their local heritage in order to improve the living conditions and economic opportunities of the area in a sustainable way.

The research finding concentrates on two main aspects: Firstly a pedestrian zone between Khon Kaen city column pavilion and Kaen na korn pond is planned. And secondly a renovation plan for the ”˜Muang Kao Community Herb Center’ has been developed. These research findings will be included in the new Khon Kaen Municipal Development Plan of 2007. Wat Klang Muang Kao is meant as a pilot study and best practice sample for other communities on good cooperation and unity among local people to remain in their local heritage as well as to develop the tourism potential of their area.

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