Quick Assessment of Earthquake Damage using Remote Sensing Imagery

On May, 27 2006, an earthquake occurred in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Earthquake disaster is a quick type natural disaster with occur suddenly and litte warning or without warning. The earthquake disaster in Yogyakarta, on May, 27 2006, cause severe property damage and large number of deaths people. Yogyakarta local goverment is not experienced enough devastating earthquake disaster, even the local goverment close and has an experienced devastating volcanic dissaters.
The Merapi Volcano is located in the norther part of Yogyakarta. The Yogyakarta Province is located in Java Island has short-listed by Government of Republic Indonesia as one of the most volcanic disaster. Because the local goverment has not an experienced to face the disaster, there is no preparation to face the earthquake disaster. When the dissater occurred, local goverment lack of spatial information related to the building damage and its residents. Spatial information related to the disaster location are needed for emergency response and recovery/ rehabilitation after the disaster. One of the spatial data are needed for the activities of emergecy response and recovery are a map of building damage. The objective of the research is to make a quick assessment and mapping of the damage inflicted by this earthquake and to develop database to make recommendations in recovery phases.

The methode in the research is a combination of remote sensing interpretation, and short interview including quick assessment for the building damage, and plotting building position into imagery. Primary data are IKONOS imagery May, 28 2006, a day after the disaster.

The results of the research are maps of building damage and detail database of each building. The map of building damage consist 3 classes, include low, medium, and high damage. The level of damage base on government’s damage classification (FORM-1), and building suitability assessment by Civil Engineering Gadjah Mada University. The map of building damage figure out the damage in Yogyakarta after earthquake. The database consist detail tabular information of building characteristics and its residents.

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