The Role of Civil Society in Urban Development

(Excerpt of the Newsletter No.9, January 2009)

1. Core ideas: From „urban driving forces" to „urban coherence" to „civil
society" ...

Cities have always been viewed at from various perspectives - from an architectural viewpoint as agglomerations of persistent buildings reflecting the predominant styles and functions of an era, from the economic perspective of vendors and clients meeting in multi-faceted markets, from a social view as conglomerates of people from different background and history. These views are dynamic: They are different in different cultural backgrounds and they are changing with time, location and context. For long, cities have been viewed at and still are regarded under the perspective of „form" and „function", and they are designed under the auspices of different „leitmotifs". Thus, phenomena, structures and processes are often set in the focus of scientific analysis and discussions. In our Summer School series, we would like to widen the scope of perspectives by adding further views: ...

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