The Role of Urban Public Space as Social Communication Infrastructure in Urban Daily Life: An Observation from Thailand

Opportunities to live together in daily life, to mix with each other, to communicate and toexchange information are key factors that could promote people in communities or in the city in developing their collective identity.  Thereafter this collective identity can potentiate people to possess their autonomy in public critical decisions. It can also create lively and energetic exchanges, which finally leads to healthy public life and strong community feelings. 

Physical structures of free spaces and public buildings, location and the whole composition of the city, including patterns of diverse activities of citizen in each period of the day are major criteria for the judgment of quality and usefulness of urban public spaces.  

This presentation will focus on observation frame and evaluation of urban public free space, followed by showing examples of various patterns of public free space in Thailand.

This presentation tries to point out the significance of the relationship betweencity establishment and social environment that plays a role in determining political excellence or a so called "Civil Society" in the Thai context. 

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