Social Land Concessions

Social land concessions could be used in several situations in which there is a social need for land and the land use management for special purposes, such as residential land shortages, landlessness, requirements for resettlement, distribution of de-mined land, and development of housing and subsistence plots for workers of large plantations.
Other situations in which there is a social purpose for land distribution include the provision of land to victims of natural disasters, and provision of land for demobilized soldiers and for families of soldiers who were disabled or who died in the line of duty. Social land concession could be used in broader socio-economic development programs such as for social housing, resettlement, community development, restoring situations after natural disasters, and new land development.
A social land concession is only one mechanism out of several through which the state can transfer land from the state's private domain for productive use. This mechanism is very important because it is the only mechanism that is specifically defined as having a social purpose. Therefore, it has a leading role in contributing to the goal of poverty reduction.
The first priority for using the social land concessions mechanism for poverty reduction is to establish functional and transparent procedures that can be applied in different locations and contexts. These procedures form one element of the overall framework for the management and allocation of state land.
The implementation of these measures will enable the state to grant social concession land that is urgently needed. It could also monitor the initial experiences to determine their impact and effectiveness. This is a complex process that involves many institutions and people throughout Cambodia. The intention of the strategy on social land concessions is to create a flexible and transparent mechanism involving multi stakeholders, state private sector and civil society, which will make it possible to function in many different places and situations.

San Phyrum,
Land Management Officer Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH,
German Technical Cooperation Programme "Land Management" and "Land Allocation for Social and Economic Development"
Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, Phnom Penh