Survey of cultural heritages in Khon Kaen City

Khon Kaen City was established around the year 1879, after, there were six times of community movings in order to be suitable for the context of environment but all of the movements were within the present municipal boundary. According to Thai belief, to build up a town or city, it is essential to set up a city pillar shrine, which is normally made from sand stone of three-meter height with 50- centimeter diameter with octagonal shape. This stone city pillar could be traced back 1000 years and has been used to be the indicator of monk's residence. Khon Kaen city pillar is standing in a shrine and was renovated 3 times. The last time was in 2001 when Khon Kaen City had a plan to develop the area nearby the city pillar shrine starting from the city gate and its surrounding public park. Brain storming and public hearing were introduced to the process of development. It could be finalized in 2005. The new construction has then begun but a large sum of budget was needed, so that a charity donation had to be collected for a period of time. The project was completely finished in 2007. Beside the city pillar shrine, Khon Kaen City has seven other shrines and two Chinese shrines, including the statues of Mae Kuan Im and the founder of Khon Kaen City. This presentation will discuss in detail each cultural heritage and the management to maintain it.


Prof. Dr. Sekson Yongvanit
Department of Geography
Khon Kaen University, Thailand