Towards a conceptualisation of urban driving forces


(Excerpt of Newsletter 07, Dezember 2007)

As this year's Summer Schools on Urban Driving Forces have been held in Cagayan De Oro and Pnomh Penh, it is certainly challenging to deal with the subject if one has missed the path breaking meetings like I did. However, I am sure enough that the discussions and workshops during the events were fruitful. Otherwise they wouldn't have finally led to the development of a structure giving `Multi-Layered Driving Force Model´. Many thanks to Prof. Lee and Dr. Hamhaber for bringing together the discussion outcomes. The conceptual model they have elaborated is highly appreciated because it gives us a tool to understand the jointly defined approach on urban driving forces. Particularly those who couldn't participate in C.D.O. and/or Pnomh Penh are able to relate to the discussed matters of urban drivers. It is perfectly true, in turn, that establishing a mutual understanding is quite important not only in order to embed the coming paper presentations into a common context, but also for reasons which are fundamental for the further approach on the two following foci Urban Coherence and Urban Civil Society in 2008 and 2009. I believe that a joint cognitive interest and approach to urban drivers at this stage can best help building a fruitful foundation for the examination of the coming themes. Therefore, allow me to make some personal comments on Prof. Lee's and Hannes' multilayered DF-model. ...


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