Urban Environmental Pollution Threats in Battambang City


Battambang City is facing serious environment stress/ problems/ crisis linked to improper solid and liquid waste management, air, water and noise pollution, and constant flooding. Population growth in the urban center has resulted in increased waste generation, putting immense pressure on the current urban waste management infrastructure. Lack of environmental awareness and poor waste management have lead to illegal garbage dumping and burning. Insufficient drainage systems and the blockage of the existing canals due to illegal dumping result in water logging and constant flooding in the city during the rainy season. Stagnant water in most parts of the city serves as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and leads to other health hazards. It damages public infrastructure as well as private properties and businesses and leads to temporary loss of income. The urban flooding issue is the topic of the presentation.

Mr. Som Sangva Sak,
GIZ Local Expert to Master Plan, Battambang City.

Mr. Song Soeung,
Chief of Public Work and Transportation Office, Battambang City.