Urban Greening Project - Tree Growing In Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

Global warming and climate change are one of the most talked and campaigned about issues of the 21st century. We know that it is an undeniable fact that the world poppulation is increasing in a larger ration. Many countries sucessfully implemented "Green Policies", to protect our environment and our future.
The City Government of Cagayan de oro, through the Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (CLENRO) is mandated to administer the development and protection of our natural resources. In carrying out the aforementioned mandate, we tried several strategies and one of which is to encourage participation and involvement of Government Agencies (GAs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Private Sectorts in the URBAN GREENING PROJECT including the TREE GROWING.
Trees have great significant role in the global effort to abate Global Warming by acting as "carbon sinks". Through the process of photosynthessis, trees absorb carbon dioxide, converting it to sugar as food and gives off oxygen to the atmosphere. It also have aesthetic value as it beautifies the landscape and highways aside from its role as a deterrent to landslides. A mature tree sequesters 6 kilograms of carbon per year.
It is the policy of the city government thru CLENRO that requires industries/corporations to plant trees as one of the requirements prior to the granting of any permit/clearance or certification, which is being institutionalized by Executive Order No. 96-3003 signed by the City Mayor.
Thirty five (35) adopting agencies whose offices were located along Barangays Cugman to Bugo Zayre Highway signiffifes their willingness and intention to assist in the development and conservation of our resources particularly the Tree Growing Project. The Parties agreed to execute a contract for three (3) years. We believe that this can be achieved in partnership with the Private sector.
The concept of urban coherence could have an explicit link to said project because of its strategic location being situated at the heart of the city and it connects to different neighboring provinces which are Bukidnon, Davao and Lanao.
The aim of this paper is to look into how the city government of Cagayan de oro together with its partners and stakeholders planned and developed the URBAN GREENING PROJECT.

Roquesa Raquel D. Eduave
City Local Environment & Nat. Resources Office
Cagayan de oro City

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