Urban Riverbank Pressure: Paradigm of Integrated Management for Sustainable Development

Rivers provide important ecological functions that are increasingly under pressure from urban expansions. In the Province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the rivers flow through rural, suburban, and urban area. Mostly the environment near the rivers in the urban area degraded to an encroachment and loss of the valuable resources due to the high urbanized and increase population in the riverbanks. To study impact of the urban pressure on the riverbanks, 3 main rivers in the Province of Yogyakarta are analysed for spatial land use, policy, environment, social, and regional planning. The goals for this study were: a) management through regional planning for the riverside banks in sustainable development, b) policy and organization coordination among the stakeholders, c) community based respond to the riverside banks on the use and legal aspects. The results show: 1) most of the riverside banks that flows through the urban area are overpopulated and constrains social economical problems; 2) most of the stakeholders especially among the governments or mismanage with less coordination with others; and 3) the community response lead for the government to better good governance and socialize the legal aspect in integrated management with the local wisdom. The recommendation should encourage the community and other stakeholders with coordination, cooperation, and consultation for sustainable and integrated model development of the riverside banks in the Province of Yogyakarta.

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