Use of GIS in Mapping Open Spaces for the Identification of Potential Allotment Garden Sites

The use of GIS and AHP for urban agriculture (UA) planning presents a compelling decision scenario to local government officials. The research was carried out on Districts 6 and 7 of Barangay Macasandig area. The area has 10.50 percent or 14.09 hectares of open spaces possible for allotment gardening purposes. A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been used on several parameters. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) model was applied to identify the priority of these parameters. Digital maps, household survey, community maps and GPS ground truth data were used. Results showed that technical and community perspectives may vary in weighing decision elements. For both perspectives however, it revealed that water resource is the most important parameter in the selection of suitable areas. Finally, this study was able to identify thirteen (13) potential allotment garden sites with respect to suitability, location of potential communities and preference for allotment garden sites.