Expert Seminar "Urban Public Space and Governance" Indonesia 2010

Southeast Asian - German Expert Seminar 2010

ForUm - Network for Urban futures in Southeast Asia

Urban Public Space and Governance

Jakarta, Yogyakarta & Solo/ Indonesia, 23 - 31 October 2010

The next ForUm Expert Seminar "Urban Public Space and Governance" will take place from 23-31 October in Indonesia, hosted by the Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta and the Sebelas Maret University (USM) in Solo. The Seminar is targeting to provide a platform for an efficient and fruitful North-South-South dialogue among participants from various disciplines and institutions from all over Southeast Asia and Europe: Academics, governmental and non-governmental representatives, planners and practitioners will share their knowledge and experiences on urban challenges.
The core focus will be on "Urban Public Space and Governance" and we are very grateful for the strong commitment of our Indonesian team which is preparing a very interesting and complex programme for us. With this international conference we will also continue the current discussion on urban heritage by visiting various sites in Yogya and Solo.
Complementary to various excursions and presentations of international and local experts as well as commmon participatory rapid urban appraisals (PUA) on site, the international workshop will be dominated by joined presentations of the country teams and their various current research programmes. We are looking much forward to the discussion and international comparison of the different approaches.
Furthermore the schedule of the seminar will be enriched by a special interdisciplinary "public symposium", integrated in the seminar programme in Yogyakarta and an "international seminar day" on urban heritage and governance that will be organised by the colleagues in Solo. Last but not least, every partner country will be invited to join the international poster exhibition on "Urban Development, Challenges and Cooperation", promoting their local network team and giving a summary of their research activities.
Before the ForUm seminar programme will start, we will have the opportunity to additionally make possible a very interesting session in Jakarta on 22nd October. This pre-session would be organised by Dr. Laretna Adishakti (Ibu Sita) and her colleagues from the Heritage Trust Office in Jakarta. Ibu Sita and her team can arrange a special, very valuable as well as reasonable heritage tour for our ForUm network. The arrival will be on the 21st and departure to Yogyakarta on the 23rd by train, whereas the team in Jakarta can book the hotel for you and organise the transportation. The costs of this session will be party paid by the participants (max. 50 US$/ Pers.) and will also be sponsored by DAAD. This special event can be taken as an excellent chance to get a brief introduction of Jakarta, the work of the heritage office and the challenges of megacity heritage management. Please be so kind and inform us until the end of next week whether you are interested to additionally join this session.
The events will be organised in close cooperation of the ForUm network colleagues from the Indonesia and Germany: the Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta and the University of Sebelas Maret (USM) in Solo as well as the University of Cologne. Attached you find a first overview of the programme. For detailed information of the programme as well as for any further question, please do not hesitate to contact one of the organisers:
Ibu Sita (Jakarta) - Dr. Sita Adishakti
Pak Kamdi (Jogjakarta) - Mr. Sukamdi
Ibu Maya (Jogjakarta) - Dr. Eni Harmayani<>
Ibu Nanda (Solo) - Mrs. Putu Ayu Agustiananda
Pak Gamal (Solo) - Dr. Moh. Gamal Rindarjono
Ibu Christine (Cologne) - Mrs. Christine Knie

Please contact your country coordinator or one of the organizers as soon as possible and inform us whether you would like to join. On behalf of Prof. Kraas as well as the organising team in Indonesia and Germany, I send you our sincere regards. We are looking much very forward to your reply and hoping to meet you all in October in Indonesia!