11th Newsletter arrived!

A new ForUm Newsletter arrived! It is already the 11th issue of our newsletter series, and I hope that we can compete with the past ten very good volumes! The first chapter concentrates on our last Summer School in Germany and provides the usual short picture-review, a list of participants and presentations, a collection of Kwansuang’s impressive drawings on civil-society and urban development as well as a summary of core ideas and interests of each country group that has been developed during the workshop. Complementary to the listing of theoretical concepts and ideas of research and cooperation, the second chapter provides reports of new concrete project activities and developments like the Mindanao Center for Urban Development Studies and the Indonesian Center for Housing and Settlement. Furthermore, a description of the new initiative and research approach on “Public Space as a Medium for Community Participation in the Development of Yogyakarta” is included as well as an introduction of two new research programms of Dr. Monsicha regarding sustainable urban tourism. Last but not least, you will find very practical information on the urban heritage training programme “Penang Apprenticeship Programme for Artisans”. Chapter 3 continues with an introduction of a website with a very good overview of funding opportunities for NGOs, chapter 4 gives information on upcoming events, and finally Prof. Kraas is providing some very interesting literature links. Hoping that this newsletter will meet your interest -please enjoy! Kind regards, Christine

Newsletter, Issue 11 (download 1,8 MB)