Coordinators Meeting Bangkok, Feb. 2010

From 11 to 14 February 2010 a meeting of the ForUm network coordinators took place in Bangkok. Country reports, new strategies and approaches of networking, new research methods and actions as well as date, topics and schedule for our upcoming events has been discussed. For your information you might download the minutes by the link below.

BKK CM2010

Participants: Ms. Frauke Kraas, Ms. Christine Knie, Mr. Sekson Yongvanit, Mr. Kwansuang Atipodhi, Ms. Monsicha Bejrananda, Ms. Eni Harmayani, Mr. Hartono, Ms. Saykham Thammanosouth, Ms. Ta Qunh Hoa, Mr. Kong Kosal, Mr. Noel Alegre, Mr. Tan Thean Siew

11th Newsletter arrived!

A new ForUm Newsletter arrived! It is already the 11th issue of our newsletter series, and I hope that we can compete with the past ten very good volumes! The first chapter concentrates on our last Summer School in Germany and provides the usual short picture-review, a list of participants and presentations, a collection of Kwansuang’s impressive drawings on civil-society and urban development as well as a summary of core ideas and interests of each country group that has been developed during the workshop. Complementary to the listing of theoretical concepts and ideas of research and cooperation, the second chapter provides reports of new concrete project activities and developments like the Mindanao Center for Urban Development Studies and the Indonesian Center for Housing and Settlement. Furthermore, a description of the new initiative and research approach on “Public Space as a Medium for Community Participation in the Development of Yogyakarta” is included as well as an introduction of two new research programms of Dr. Monsicha regarding sustainable urban tourism. Last but not least, you will find very practical information on the urban heritage training programme “Penang Apprenticeship Programme for Artisans”.

Christmas Greetings Dec. 2009, Extention of the network funding (2010, 2011)

Dear ForUm Friends and Colleagues,                                                             Cologne, 23 Dec 2009
We were privileged again with an enriching, fruitful year 2009 with memorable summer schools, intensive discussions and even deeper trust and friendship within our ForUm network! Let me thank you all for your professional engagement, your scientific passion, your innovative ideas!
Our network has grown and developed into a leading scientific platform on urbanisation in Southeast Asia - now already in our 5th year. The excellent summer schools and seminars in Cambodia, Malaysia and Germany in 2009 and various bi- and multilateral new initiatives, first and foremost the new urban centre in Cagayan de Oro and the new centre for urban settlement in Yogyakarta as well as various exchange activities of lectures and research enrich our community.
Today comes good news from DAAD as well: With your strong commitment it was possible to successfully (in a very competitive environment) apply for an extension of our network's funding:
We have been granted two more years by DAAD with one summer school per year (2010 and 2011). Most welcome are your suggestions and ideas in finetuning the two endeavours. On our coordinator's meeting in February we will plan venues and schedules - and let you know more details as soon as possible.

Summer School Germany 2009

The next Summer School will take place in Germany from 22nd August until 1st September 2009!

Newsletter Summer School Malaysia, March 2009

The latest newsletter about the Summer School in Malaysia, compiled and edited by Mr. Thean Siew Tan can be downloaded!

Newsletter January 2009

Imelda Baleta

 Editorial Urban coherence and social cohesion: People, above all

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet utters: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.”

I thought the same thing of Hanoi…, Bangkok, Chiang Mai…Siem Reap, Phnom Penh…Manila, Cagayan de Oro…Yogyakarta…Cologne…all the cities where ForUm trodded…

What’s in a city? 

GIS Summer School in Vientiane, Lao PDR

International GIS Summer School in Lao PDR

Geographical Information Science

for Urban and Regional Development in Asia and Africa
in Vientiane, 21 September - 4 October 2008
Abstracts for papers, presentations and posters please submit until 20 August 2008

Workshop Language: English
Call for abstracts:Abstracts, not exceeding 400 words, single spaced, times new roman and 12 font size should be submitted electronically not later than 20 August 2008 (final deadline!).

Description, guidelines and official application form you can download below.

Please send your application together with CV and abstract of your presentation to Ms. Christine Knie (


ForUm Conference "Urban Coherence II"

Southeast Asian – German Summer School in Vietnam

CHALLENGES OF URBANISATION with the special focus on

"Urban Coherence"

in Hanoi, 10 – 21 December 2008

Abstracts for papers, presentations and posters please submit until 14 September 2008

Workshop Language: English
Call for abstracts: Abstracts, not exceeding 400 words, single spaced, times new roman and 12 font size should be submitted electronically not later than 14 September 2008.

Description, guidelines and official application form you can download below.

Please send your application to Ms. Christine Knie (

Newsletter March 2008 from Indonesia


Dear Readers,
From February 17 – 29 this year already our third Summer School programme took place, hosted and organised by our friends from Thailand.
Summer School ThailandAfter the summer schools in Philippine and Cambodia on urban driving forces, this conference has been the first one with the new focus on Urban Coherence. In the first part, which was held in Bangkok, the experts bridged the gap between the theoretical concept and practice on urban coherence in Thailand, followed by the second part in Chiang Mai with intensive discussions, contributions and exchange of experiences from all over Southeast Asia leading to the development of the coherence and cohesion definition which ends up as a marvellous “pizza”.

Logo Contest


Dear colleagues, ForUm needs a logo! Please think about it and help to create something to identify our network and to convey the message of networking for Urban Future.

Please send your proposals before August 31, 2007, as bitmap or vector to Christine via e-mail ( or you may also store it at your internet account and send us the URL for downloading.

We will collect all your ideas, bring them to the next Summer School in Cambodia and together we will select the best logo. The winner will receive a special award!

 Looking much forward to your ideas,

best regards,

Prof. Frauke Kraas