Schedule of the Summer School in Germany Aug./Sept. 2009



Arrival Day Cologne
15:00 Registration of the participants and introduction of the schedule
17:00 Asian Food Market, Cultural Event by the German-Indonesian Society, Community Centre "Alte Feuerwache" near "Ebertplatz"



9:00 - 10:00 Country reports Hotel Mado
Country Reports Meeting
Session I: 10:00 - 17:00 City Excursion I Cologne
City Excursion led by Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas, Department of Geography, University of Cologne: "Places, Actors and Action of Civil Society in the City of Cologne".
18:00 Welcome Dinner



8:30 - 10:30 Welcome Addresses "Alter Senatssaal"
Prof. Dr. Karl Schneider, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Prof. Dr. Boris Braun, Head of the Department of Geography
Dr. Stefan Bildhauer, Head of the International Office of the University
Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas, Head of ForUm Network, Department of Geography
11:00 Campus Walk
Lunch Break
13:00 - 14:30 Session II - University and Civil Society Ü2
Prof. Dr. Manat Suwan, University of Chiang Mai, Thailand: Roles of University as a Civil Society in Urban Development: An Analysis.
Mrs. Yuni Windarti, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia: The Role of the University in Civil Society Development.
Mr. Harsoyo Oedijono Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia: The Women Study Centre at Gadjah Mada University - A Contribution to Strengthen the Activities of Civil Society.
Coffee Break
15:00 - 16:00 Session III: Introduction of Civil Society Activities as Driving Forces of Urban Development in SEA Ü2
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sekson Yongvanit, University of Khon Kaen, Thailand: Civil Society Activities in Khon Kaen City Municipality.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoa Le Thu, Hanoi University of Economics, Vietnam: Civil Society Organizations and Community Participation in Improving Environmental Quality of Residential Areas.
Coffee Break
16:30 - 18:30 Session IV: Community Involvement in Urban Development and Governance in Germany Ü2
Mrs. Marlis Bredehorst, Executive Director for Social Affairs, Integration and Environment, City of Cologne: Examples of Community Involvement in Urban Governance.
Dr. Ludwig Arentz, Representative of the Civil Society Association "Köln Agenda 21": Civil Society and the Agenda 21 - Process in Cologne.
19:00 Dinner



8:00 - 10:00 Session V: Involvement of Civil Society - Chances and Challenges for Urban Planning and Development I Ü2
Mr. Tan Thean Siew, Town Planner, Penang, Malaysia: Civil Society as a Driving Force for Urban Coherence and Good Governance - Examples from Penang, Malaysia.
Mr. Thenekham Thongbonh, Dep. Director General, Public Works Institute, Vientiane, Laos: Involving the Civil Society in the Urban Development Process for Pakse.
Mr. Raditya Jati, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Participation of Civil Society on Decision Making and Planning Process in the Coastal City of Manokwari, Indonesia.
Mrs. Imelda Baleta, ADB Manila, Philippines: Involvement of Civil Society in the Pasig River Project.
Coffee Break
10:30 - 12:00 Session VI: Involvement of Civil Society - Chances and Challenges for Urban Planning and Development II Ü2
Ms. Saykham Thammanosouth, Director of the Urban Planning Division, Public Works Institute, Vientiane, Laos: Civil Society with Urban Development in Vientiane City, Lao PDR.
Mr. Phann Sithan, Housing Rights Task Force, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: The Roles of NGOs over Conflicts of Urban Land Rights: Gaps and Opportunities.
Prof. Dr. Lee Boon Thong, Director, Office of Quality & Standards, Nilai University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Meeting the Challenges of Urbanisation: the Role of the Local Neighbourhood Community.
Lunch Break
13:00 - 14:00 Session VII: Involvement of Civil Society - Chances and Challenges for Urban Planning and Development III Ü2
Mr. Sukamdi, Faculty of Geography, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia : Making Civil Society Work for Urban Public Services: The Development of a Citizen Charter in the Cities of Blitar and Yogyakarta.
Dipl. Ing. Kwansuang Atioodhi, Civicnet Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand: Role of Urban Public Space as Social Communication Infrastructure in Urban daily Life.
14:00 - 17:00 Session VIII: Excursion II Ü2
City Excursion led by Prof. Dr. Josef Nipper, Department of Geography, University of Cologne: "City Centre Development in Cologne".



08:30 - 10:00 Session IX: - Potentials of Civil Society in Supporting Urban Development I Ü2
Dr. Anselmo Mercado, President of the Cooperative Business Institute in Cagayan de Oro City: Strengthening Civil Society for Development through the "Asset-based community development" (ABCD) Model.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noel Cornel Alegre, Institute for Development Studies(CUREXO-IDS), Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines: Pusong Camarines Norte" (PCN) Micro-Finance through Pig Dispersal: A Global-Local Link to Development.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eni Harmayani, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia: Role of "Dasa Wisma" (Housewives Groups) in Solving the Urban Health and Nutrition Problems in Indonesia.
Coffee Break
10:30 - 12:30 Session X: -Civil Society Involvement in Planning and Urban Design Ü2
Mrs. Quynh Hoa, University of Civil Engineering, Hanoi, Vietnam: An Assessment of Community's Role in Urban Planning and Management in the Transitional Economy of Vietnam - Challenges and Opportunities for Enhancing Community Participation.
Mr. Kong Kosal Royal University of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Improvement of Water Infrastructure and Basic Services in Urban Poor Community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Prof. Dr. Chaiyan Rajchagool, Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace, Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand: The Conflicts of Meanings of Space between the Civil Society and the State.
Lunch Break
14:00 - 15:00 Session XI: - Introduction to the International Programme of the "ITT-Cologne" FH
Prof. Dr. Johannes Hamhaber, Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Sub-Tropics (ITT): International Study Programme of the ITT.
15:00 - 17:30 Session XII: - Excursion III
City Excursion Köln-Kalk, led by Prof. Dr. Johannes Hamhaber, Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Sub-Tropics (ITT) and Dr. Marc Höhmann, Urban Planner and Guest Lecturer of the University of Cologne: "Actors and Roles in Urban Rejuvenation".



10:15 Travelling to Berlin Berlin, Hotel Amano
Flight to Berlin (Arrival at 11:10)
14:00 - 17:00 Session XIII: Academic Exchange Berlin
14:00 Technology Park "Adlershof" , Humboldt University Berlin
Prof. Dr. Elmar Kulke, Department of Geography, Humboldt University Berlin: Introduction of Adlershof, Academic Cooperation and Development at Humboldt University.
Mr. Daniel Zimmermann, Head of the DAAD Liaison Office Education/Research, DAAD Berlin: Academic Exchange Programmes and Activities.
17:00 - 18:30 Session XIV: Boat ride (proposed) Berlin



8:30 - 18:00 Session XV: City Excursions Berlin
City Excursion Berlin I, led by Prof. Dr. Frauke Kraas, Department of Geography, University of Cologne: Urban Development of Berlin - Challenges of Urbanisation - Role of Civil Society in Urban Development.
Lunch Break
City Excursion Berlin II, led by Harald Sterly, Department of Geography, University of Cologne: Inner-Urban Transformation and Media Spree - Urban Restructuring, Civil Society Opposition and Reconciliation of Interests.



8:30 - 15:00 Session XVI: Civil Society Actors, German Bundestag Berlin
City Excursion Berlin III, led by Harald Sterly, Department of Geography, University of Cologne: Prenzlauer Berg - East/West Division 1962-1989, Reunification, Gentrification and Civil-Self-Organisation.
Lunch Break
13:30 Guided Tour in the Bundestag (German Parliament)
15:00 Free afternoon



8:50 Session XVII: Travelling back to Cologne (Arrival 13:28) Berlin/Cologne
Train ride to Cologne (Arrival in Cologne at 13:28)
14:00 - 16:00 Session XVIII: Reflection and Planning of Future Activities Cologne, Ü2
Group-Work: Reflection of the Programme
Group-Work: Planning of Future Activities and Network Tasks



8:30 - 13:00 Session XIX: Plenary Discussion, Future Activities and Evaluation Cologne, Ü2
Plenary Discussion on Civil Society and its Role in Urbanisation Process
Report of the working groups
Lunch Break
Farewell Party



Departure Cologne